WoodUbend trim TR36 approx size 210x1.2cm

WoodUbend trim TR36 approx size 210x1.2cm

WoodUbend mouldings are unique! They have all the properties of wood and can be moulded to any contour once heated up with something as simple as a hair dryer. They can be drilled, sanded, painted , stained varnished or distressed and can be adhered to almost any surface, contoured or flat !WoodUbend offers several advantages over traditional wood mouldings, and is perfect for decorative use by crafters, up-cycles, interior designers, artists, sculptors and manufacturers.
  • How to Use

    These mouldings are easy, you have to heat them up either using a hairdryer or a heat gun to make them become flexiable. To apply to your piece wehether it's furniture you are applying it to or a piece of glass always use wood glue. 

    Once applied re-heat while on your piece so it fits to the contour of your work. 



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