Top 10 Tips for Blending Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint

Achieving smooth blend of paint colours on any sized painting project can be tricky. So to make it less complicated I am going to share My Top 10 Tips for Blending Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint, so you have a few tricks up your sleeve that paired with some practice will have you painting smooth blends in no time.

1. The right brush makes a BIG difference.

Having the right tools just makes the job so much easier, when I started painting I used cheap brushes and found myself become frustrated picking out the loose hairs from my work, which looking back was just counter productive and time consuming . Now I have learned that paying a bit more for tools that fit the job is worth it! We all learn from mistakes, but this is a tip so you can also learn from mine the easier way. I now use Dixie Belle synthetic brushes for blending because they are soft and smooth. I can apply a coat of paint and feather through it with a soft hand, just the brush tips, and the paint melts together. If I used a dense brush, coarse or inexpensive brushes like I used too, they would leave me a completely different finish, with brush strokes and more of a textured finish!