Faux Wood

How to do Faux Wood Paint well ! It can be a tricky one to master, as soon as you put your wood graining tool on the paint layers you have perfected you heart just starts to race! But don’t worry folks as I am here to save the day !

Believe it or not it is actually quite easy when you follow these wee steps !

I must admit I like a lighter colour for the bottom and then a darker colour for the top layer that turns into the grain, if it’s too dark I can always knock the colour back with a light wash when it’s dry.

  1. Paint the base layer I used a watered down manatee grey, 2 coats

  2. Then I used a watered down Pink Champagne and wiped back with kitchen towel

  3. In between coats I can it a little sand with 200 grit

  4. Once dry I used Hurricane grey (not diluted)

  5. This is when you use the graining tool

  6. Start your first grain in the middle of the piece it looks more natural

  7. Continue until the while piece is covered

  8. Again leave to dry and sand over with 200 grit

  9. To knock the colour back I used a wash of Driftwood again I watered this down and wiped off with kitchen towel.

  10. Give another light sand and then finish off with varnish, wax or Gatorhide and hey presto your done !

Easy a pie right !

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